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Building confidence through our daily wins

Updated: Nov 9, 2022

Every day we have a win, every day is essentially a day of wins. But what are wins really? They are small big steps that take us closer to our goal, to our best self, to our vision, to our ultimate goal.

We wake up every day, this is a huge win. We enjoy even the smallest things in life! The smells and all the daily experiences. So victories can be fitness for you, as it helps you stay healthy and energetic. It could also be that you did your Meditation, that you eat healthy or that you took a step towards your goal.

Because it is very important to understand that in order to achieve our goal, we need work, we need daily action, therefore daily wins.

One day I realized that we tend to go from one win to another without realizing it. We do not recognize our daily wins, we take them for granted, sometimes we say "this is nothing", but there is no such thing as nothing! Because without them our goal would be even more difficult and impossible. There is no big or small win, they are all important!

So what is your win for today? Every day I recognize and record my wins and it has helped me and developed me incredibly.

Wins keep us in a whirlwind of high energy, reminding us that there are many of us. Our wins are our driving force.

The more you recognize your wins, the more energy you give them. Also you give yourself more confidence and strength to achieve your goals. Enjoy your wins and celebrate them.

Seeing every day what you have achieved while it is a normal day for you, gives you an incredible boost to go to the next and next level. To cultivate positivity, progress, purpose but above all the mentality of the winners - devoting only a few minutes every day.

Self-confidence is something that is built and as long as you build this habit with your wins, together you build your self-confidence.

Design your wins

Life Coach | Christina Michaelidou


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