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Passionate with wins

My name is Christina and I am here to support you design your wins!

Creativity and Positivity are my two superpowers. I am passionate about life and love everything I do in my career.  


From a proud & awarded Graphic Designer to a business owner, my positivity led me to personal development and the happiness of achieving all my goals!


I know from experience that when you are growing your business sometimes or most of the time, you struggle to balance your life! AND that's why I am here, to support new entrepreneurs to balance life and business and at the same time grow and skyrocket their lives. 


I am an ICF Certified Life & Business Coach and my biggest goal is to keep celebrating every day with at least one win! Does this sound impossible to you? Well, it’s not. I'm proof of that. Actually, DESIGN YOUR WINS was inspired by an every day calendar of my goals.


That was the very first exercise given by my life coach. So, I started writing down my wins every day. I loved this powerful small routine, I loved achieving my goals and mainly, I loved being a better person every day, a winner! AND that is my inspiring book about, which is my very first book as a Coach and for many more amazing things to come.


“Seize the day” they say. I say,

Seize the opportunity, every day!

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