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what winners said

Elena Kanela

Christina is here to make the world a better place! She is full of inspiration, she has not only a vision of how your life could be improved, but what is your roadmap to get there.

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Christina Aristidou

Christina is an amazing coach, professional yet friendly enough to unlock someone's potential! Our sessions are joyful yet meaningful and put me right on track for designing my wins!

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Katerina Christofi

From the first moment I felt the incredible energy and trust that Christina gives you as a person. She helped me a lot to put my priorities and goals in order. Thank you Christina! You are wonderful

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Efi Panayiotou

Christina is pure light filled with joy, you can feel her incredible energy just by looking at her! She is a successful woman who inspires you to trust her to support you to become the best version of yourself. She has a fresh look at everything and I really feel thankful that we crossed path.

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Anush Papogian

I’ve heard a lot of people talking about life coaching ironically and underestimating its benefits and things they can achieve through it! Well, I am here to prove otherwise!! While working with Christina I’ve tapped on my inner strengths and unlocked my inner blocks to bring me closer to my life goals! It’s like when you get lost while driving and you always ask for directions to get to your destination, right? So Christina is definitely the person to take you there!

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Ellie Hadjilucas

I learn how to put priorities when overwhelmed by work. How to appreciate the wins of my week / day. How to put boundaries to people or situations in my personal and professional life. 


I felt great as I could see making progress from the first couple of sessions. When I started the coaching I was in a very vulnerable stage of my life and the sessions helped me a great deal. I was looking forward to every session with Christina, to track the progress I have made and what do we tackle next!

Just go for it! Its a well spend investment in yourself! Its a good way to grow and learn from experiences in life. It helps you put things in prospective. Progress when you feel stuck or when you need a supporting hand! It helped me in ways I could have never imagined when I first started - it was a great journey of self refelction. Christina is a great and inspiring coach, always there TO LISTEN and guide you in the way she can. A real sounding board when you need her the most!

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