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A Deeper Dive into Positive Affirmations (Part 2)

you are enough!

Recently I hosted my "3 months business action plan" workshop, and I have a section that is devoted to reminding us that we are enough, and to create our affirmation around it!

I love affirmations, they are one of your key behaviors to yourself as I wrote in my article Positive affirmations have a profound impact on our lives these simple but powerful statements.

In this article, we'll dive deeper into crafting effective affirmations and explore how they can be applied to various aspects of our lives.

Positive affirmations are more than just words; they are like a carefully constructed art. Here's how you can create affirmations that truly resonate with your inner self:

Present Tense

Affirmations are framed in the present tense as if the desired outcome has already occurred. This creates a sense of immediacy and fosters the belief that what you desire is within your reach. For example, instead of saying, "I will become successful," you would say, "I am successful."

Positivity is Key

Positive affirmations must carry a positive impact. They should focus on what you want to achieve or feel, rather than what you want to avoid. For instance, replace "I'm not stressed" with "I am calm and composed."

Clarity is Crucial

Your affirmations should be crystal clear. This clarity ensures that your subconscious mind fully understands the intention. Be precise about what you want. Instead of "I want to be healthier," say "I am vibrant and full of energy."


Repetition is the key to reinforcing positive affirmations. Make them a part of your daily routine. Repeating them frequently throughout the day can help reprogram your mind and keep you focused on your goals.

Applying Positive Affirmations in Various Areas of Life

Positive affirmations are versatile tools that can be applied to every aspect of your life. Here are some examples:


"I am a successful entrepreneur."

"I am a confident and persuasive speaker."

"I attract opportunities for growth and prosperity."

Health and Well-being:

"I am in perfect health and full of vitality."

"My body is my temple, and I treat it with love and care."

"I make healthy choices that nourish my body and mind."


"I attract loving and supportive people into my life."

"I am a great communicator and connect deeply with others."

"My relationships are filled with trust and mutual respect."

Personal Growth:

"I am continually growing and evolving."

"I am open to new experiences and opportunities."

"I believe in my abilities and trust the journey of self-improvement."

Positive affirmations are not just words; they are life-changing tools that can shape your reality. By crafting affirmations that are in the present tense, positive, and clear, and by repeating them regularly, you can take charge of your life and steer it in the direction you desire. These affirmations can be tailored to fit every aspect of your life, from your business to your health, relationships, and personal growth.

Remember, where your focus goes, your energy flows, so focus on positivity and let your affirmations be your guiding light on your journey to success and self-discovery.

I am always here to support you grow in life and business and enjoy it more!

Design your wins

ICF Certified Life & Business Coach | Christina Michaelidou


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