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Embrace you!

Updated: Nov 9, 2022

You are your first priority! Yes you. Take care of you. There is no one else, only you. And I know your ego voice will start complaining, "my kids are my first priority", "this is selfish", "I have so much to do" "my business is my first priority now, so I can enjoy it after" and the examples are countless with what our ego tells us. But you know what? Skip your ego!

If you are not your first priority how can you be in your center and support your family or your business? Invest in yourself. It's the most reliable person to take you to your goals. But most importantly to be happy!

When you grow your ego voice is there to create your doubts, so yes skip that voice.

The only voice you should really take seriously is the voice of your higher self. This voice is like "you deserve these, you have worked so hard".

Working hard or not though, you need to behave as you are your first priority.

Everything you want to achieve only depends on you. Treat yourself accordingly.

Take some time off, treat yourself for all your positive aspects.

Everything you are, your body, your face, your character are your magical tricks. Are everything that makes you this entire person. This unique person.

Embrace you. Once you realize the value of this phrase, you can understand how simple everything is. Embrace you, your values, your skills, your dreams, everything. For the moment you start to believe in yourself the world is in your hands.

You can achieve anything if you want to.

Design your wins

Life Coach | Christina Michaelidou

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