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How to organized your schedule

Updated: Jan 31, 2023

Is your agenda drowning you? How to be organized, this is often a subject we work with my coachees and it's so normal to lose track sometimes due to overload demands. Then it's when your coach appears to support you with that. How to be organized?

First step is to acknowledge your fixed appointment or tasks. For example, I know that every Monday I send an article to a portal. This is noted to my appointments of the day, 7 o’clock every Monday. Why? I need time to check it again, I might improve it etc. if you note all your fixed appointments on your calendar you will have a clearer image of your schedule. Don't assume that any task will not take your time, it might be 5 minutes but sometimes is an hour.

Second step is to note everything, write all your tasks in a paper note book for preference. For example email Maria, answer to George, pay google etc. again these tasks need your time, write everything in a notebook and start deleting with your pen once you completed the task. Deleting or smudging your completed tasks, its so rewarding, you address that action with a different energy, the energy of completing it.

Third step based on the second step I might write for the day 20 tasks, our day has 24 hours so it's obvious that this can not be done. What should I do? I set priorities. What needs to be today? With the voice of reality not of ego. I set my priorities and explore what can be delegated.

The fourth step is to delegate, this is hard I know, but being overloaded and burned out is harder.

Bonus step - rest, yes in order to be more efficient and productive you need to rest. When your mind is tired it will need more time to process a task. It's like a computer that is overloaded to a thousand open tabs suddenly is not responding. Take the time to rest and come back to it even more productive.

Design your wins

ICF Certified Life & Business Coach | Christina Michaelidou

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