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Motherhood and Entrepreneurship: Embracing Progress, Not Perfection

Motherhood and Entrepreneurship: Embracing Progress, Not Perfection

Recently I had a session with a new mom, her words resonated deeply with me. She spoke of the overwhelming juggling act she faced, striving to balance her role as a dedicated mother with the demands of being an entrepreneur. The challenges ranged from nurturing her little one to growing her business, maintaining a household, and keeping track of myriad responsibilities. Her honesty was a poignant reminder of my own journey, and now, with a one-year-old daughter, I empathize with every sentiment she expressed.

The initial stages of motherhood are often a whirlwind of trial and error. It's a period where acknowledging that not everything is within our control can be immensely freeing, yet equally stressful. This rings particularly true for entrepreneurs, accustomed to maintaining tight control over their time, schedules, and routines. The sudden shifts can feel overwhelming – time slips away, thoughts race, ideas pile up, and the struggle to leverage them effectively becomes evident. In these moments, it's crucial to remember: it's okay. You are enough. The journey you're on, whether your child is a year old, two, or a newborn, is filled with challenges, but your efforts are enough.

Let's embrace a fundamental truth: you are doing your best, and that is more than enough. This message isn't merely a reassurance of your current reality; it's a resounding reminder to be kind to yourself. Reflecting on my own journey, I recall adopting a valuable approach early on. Acknowledging that I couldn't sustain the same pace as before, I adopted a strategy of focusing on one task, one goal per day. This shift not only restored my sense of productivity, achievement, and confidence but also helped me manage my energy and push me forward.

Indeed, one action each day is a powerful step towards progress. It's a departure from the paralysis of analysis, procrastination, and overthinking that can otherwise hinder growth. By implementing this approach, you pave a path forward, moving beyond self-doubt and into a space of purposeful action.

It's important to remember that as mothers and entrepreneurs, we often bear multiple hats. Yet, focusing on one task daily within your business can yield remarkable results. This focused effort is your stepping stone to success. And alongside your professional endeavors, nurturing gratitude is paramount. Each night, I make it a practice to jot down my daily wins in my book "DESIGN YOUR WINS EVERYDAY". Some days, a simple note like "rest" or "patience" speaks volumes about the challenges I've overcome. This practice cultivates gratitude, initially challenging but gradually expanding into a robust habit. Your gratitude muscle strengthens, enabling you to spot emerging opportunities and reduce stress.

Transitioning into this mindset requires patience. As time passes, you'll marvel at your personal growth and heightened ability to seize opportunities. Remember, progress isn't solely about the end goal; it's about the journey itself. Amidst interruptions and the pull of future aspirations, it's essential to acknowledge your achievements and the lessons learned along the way. Embrace the transformative journey you've embarked upon, and you'll find a clearer perspective on who you've become.

While structure and routines undoubtedly have their place, especially in entrepreneurship, flexibility is key in the early stages. Allow yourself room to adapt, without imposing unrealistic expectations.

You are your most significant advocate, and your inner motivation is your driving force.
Cherish every step, as every action contributes to your progress.

To all the remarkable mothers who also carry the mantle of entrepreneurship, hear this: You are more than enough. Channel your focus into one daily task, cultivate gratitude, and celebrate your wins. You've brought a child into this world and are steering your business forward – these accomplishments alone are monumental. The journey you're on is a testament to your strength and resilience. With each day, you're not only building your business but also crafting a life of purpose, balance, and joy.

Remember that every thread, every action, contributes to the masterpiece you're creating. It's a journey of growth, self-discovery, and profound transformation. Embrace it, for you are already thriving, both as a mother and an entrepreneur.

I am always here to support you balance life and business and of course, grow!

Design your wins

ICF Certified Life & Business Coach | Christina Michaelidou


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