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How to balance entrepreneurship and motherhood!

Updated: Jan 31, 2023

Creating a business is like having a baby, you have all the enthusiasm about the idea, you can’t wait to tell everybody and you enjoy seeing it grow!

In addition is the dedication, the dedication of yourself to nurturing your creation and helping it grow and flourish. The energy required to be a mother and to be a successful entrepreneur can be extraordinary.

So imagine having both! Requires double dedication and energy.

As a business founder and mother, I've found myself in this position many times, trying to balance mostly everything actually.

Balance the business needs and actions vs the need to be next to my daughter and give her all of my attention. So the reality is that I have struggled quite a few times in order to find the magic formula that combines the two roles with harmony and not be overshadowed by the other.

So here I am sharing my learnings and how I found balance between entrepreneurship and motherhood and didn’t lose myself.

1. Start delegating

First of all you need to start writing all the tasks, create a list of two columns and start journaling everything there. Both roles need to get rid of the belief that everything needs to be passed from your hands! No they don’t. There are experts for everything nowadays even for dog walking, there is no work that can not be delegated. I can hear the ego voice now singing “but i don't have any support” my beautiful friend you need to create the support! You need to give trust and space to others to take the lead! Don’t forget that your way is only your way.

2. Create a flexible routine

It’s super easy to lose track of time when we are with our kids. You don’t need to be a juggler to toss things into the air and catch a number of objects/tasks at the same time. I simply suggest you to be a magician and do your tricks one step at a time- with a routine.

The magic trick here is the schedule. Create a routine that will support you with your roles without each one to be overwhelmed by the other. But the formula of the trick here is to be flexible, because life happens and things happen and you don't need to be stressed with surprises just deal with them.

3. Have a daily goal plan

In order to get to the outcome that we want of our goals we need to take action! I assume as an entrepreneur you already have a goal for your business and of course some values you want to teach to your kids.

Everyday actions will lead you toward fulfilling these ambitions. What I do everyday is to write down the top five priorities or sometimes in the evening when I finish work. This helps me enormously because it allows me to see more clearly, if I'm forgetting something important and I don't overload the daily agenda. But my most favorite reason is the action of checking off a completed daily goal -- no matter how small -- gives me a sense of satisfaction, of success that supports me to maintain a high energy and don’t stress.

I suggest you to make sure that your goals are realistic. Accept that not everything must be perfect!

There are a lot of times that I multitask like answering an email while I was playing with my daughter but this needs to be with a boundary you need to dedicate all of your attention to that task/role. Being mindful can actually end up saving you time and save you from any mistakes.

4. Meal time alarm

At the very beginning I remember that I was starting to get hungry and I was seeing the time and it was way ahead of lunch time. I was losing track of time while breastfeeding and managing things. What I am doing is to set an alarm clock and that means that is break time and it’s time to cook. That means that depending on the stage of your baby you need to have a meal plan prior. That supports me to not stress, and of course enjoy meal time with my family that I find so important.

5. Self-Care is essential

In order to be able to support others like family and business you need to first support YOU! Forgetting to take care of yourself is easy. Create time to rest, take care of yourself, work out and stay healthy. It’s not a luxury but an essential “tool”.

These five ways support me to enjoy and be less stressed. But what supported me most was to remind myself that I am doing my best and that I am enough!

I will always be here to support you to balance life and business.

Design your wins

ICF Certified Life & Business Coach | Christina Michaelidou


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