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Christina | ACC, ICF Certified Life and Business coach

3 Winning Months

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3-month coaching package is for 6 sessions.

Service Description

Congratulations on your decision to invest in yourself! The only sure investment is in ourselves, and as Jack Canfield said we should take 100% Responsibility for our lives. Through this journey, you will understand that the relationship with ourselves is the most valuable and important relationship in our lives, because how we see ourselves is as crucial as how we are seen and treated by those around us. We are like mirrors! Coaching can amazingly increase many aspects of your self-awareness. Unlock your potential to maximize your performance. Benefits of coaching: - Establish and take action towards achieving goals - Become more self-reliant - Gain more life satisfaction - Contribute more effectively - Take greater responsibility and accountability for actions and commitments - Be more productive - Communicate more effectively This is your opportunity to get your life to a more meaningful level, build your relationship with yourself, manifest all your goals, build a winning mindset and get even more results! I will support you in creating a S.M.A.R.T. goal and an action plan towards that! We will work on any obstacles and limiting beliefs that are stopping you and set the positive beliefs that only support you! But before we embark on this exciting journey here is some info for this coaching package This 3-month coaching package includes 2 coaching sessions per month, one every 15 days approximately (6 sessions total). The duration of the session is 60 minutes. Also includes 1 action call of 15 minutes in between sessions. The action calls are 15-minute calls that will support you on important actions that you need the extra boost. As your coach, I will be there cheerleading you, support you and prepare for this important action you need to achieve. This will eliminate procrastination and will boost your confidence to amazing levels. Included will be the numerous coaching tools I have created through the years that will be used in the coaching sessions or one at your own pace in order to maximize your potential depending always on your goal. Price: 600 euro I am always here to support you and design your wins! If you would like to book a free call to discuss furthermore you can do it from the Discovery call link or here

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