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Changes that help you grow more (part2)

Updated: Nov 9, 2022

Changes are on our everyday life, (see blog post part 1) but how we take advantage of them? Everything that happens in our life change us in a way. Change us and learning us something else. But the most important changes are those who are so uncomfortable for us. The ones that we pain our stomach from the fear of doing the first step. That changes requires the most energy and they are the most life changing ones. Everything that is out of your comfort zone then its definitely something you need to do. When I decided to quite my 9 to 5 job, I think about it around 1 million times. I was 100% sure that I will achieve my goals, I was already running my own business and I was thriving in my first steps as a coach but there was a kind of an emotion IF I MIGHT be unexpectedly exposed financially. A strong emotion for a bold decision, that lead to a huge win! How do I achieve it? Firstly I wrote it down, and then I worked with myself to achieve it. Yes, with myself, the first step requires an inner job. Because if you don't prepare yourself you will not be able to acknowledge the opportunity. Once I was ready all the right opportunities appeared so magically. In 5 months I have changed and achieved so much in my life that I could not believe that it was even possible to happen in 2 years. Again how do I achieve it? I was 100% confident, hard working but most importantly I was working with my coach to cross any boundaries and drive directly to my goal. Don't forget that in order to move toward your goal you will need to cross some uncomfortable paths, get out of your comfort zone and it's ok but most importantly your growth is worth it. Remember that once you win that goal you will enjoy that feeling and blessed yourself from breaking the obstacles of yourself.

P.S Don't forget that I am here to support you to design your wins.

Design your wins

Life Coach | Christina Michaelidou


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