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Every failure is a learning opportunity

Updated: Nov 9, 2022

The only possible way to not make any mistakes is by simply doing nothing. This is not even possible! Is the exact same thing as I mentioned before for changes. Changes are on our everyday life, (see blog post part 1, and 2) but how we take advantage of them?

Everything that happens in our life changes us in a way. Change us and teach us something else. Failure also changes us and thus teaches us so much. Every failure, every mistake is there to teach us something bigger and grow from that.

Reflect on your recent mistake not with the voice of your ego, was it a wrong choice? a business mistake?

Let me give a personal example. As all business, we had a meeting with our accountant (not coaching) and through our meeting we realized that we weren't doing some really essential business wise moves. But on the other hand we didn't even know how to fix that. This was essential to show us if our business was profitable. Imagine that, two graphic designers talking about math's, mind blowing! I was really stressed, and pushed my mind to find a solution to calculate it. The next day a special friend called me, "incidentally" whose background is business management, through our conversation I mentioned our obstacles. Long story short, our "challenge" was an obvious solution to her. Suddenly we were all clear and more clear about our next actions.

What did I take from that? An important business and accountant knowledge, that will save me money of course, it will protect me for future moves and strategically how to plan my next moves. Huge right? We have also realized that these issues appear on the right timing!

As long as you take action you grow, as long as you grow, you will face some obstacles or failures. It is in the process of your new level. Simple deal with them and reflect on the outcome!

The universe will acknowledge your hard work and will bring you the right people, answers and opportunities in the right timing.

Trust the process and grow!

Design your wins

Life Coach | Christina Michaelidou

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