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Everyday is a win day

Updated: Nov 9, 2022

Everyday is a win day for thousand reasons. First of all we wake up every day, what a huge win is that? We sense what is around us, the beach, the birds etc., we taste our favorite meal, we have the privilege to enjoy even the smallest things in life!

How fascinating are all that?

One of my wins is that I read a book for at least one hour. This is a routine I keep enjoying doing everyday. Like working out 5 times a week. Why are those two my everyday wins?

Because reading books feeds my mind with knowledge and I become a better version every day of myself through reading. I take advantage of my knowledge to write this blog and spread my message to all of you. This didn't happen overnight, I have been seeding myself with it so I can enjoy the fruit afterwards!

The win is not only defined by the outcome but from the process also!

Win can also be the fact that I give myself a day off, it's not laziness, it's rewarding, recharging and it refreshes my mind.

You need to embrace the process!

Wins are not small or big, because every win, every action you take brings you to a higher outcome! Wins keep as in vortex - in high energy.

So what are your wins for today?

Acknowledge and enjoy your wins!

Design your wins

Life Coach | Christina Michaelidou


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