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How to prepare for the new year

Updated: Jan 31, 2023

We are heading to the new year and as every year we all make our resolutions and head to this new chapter with new expectations. But let's be honest, sometimes we let time pass and then feel guilty if the things we didn't act and do.

Let's consider that everything that has already happened is a past story and you can focus on the new year with full force and a winning mindset. 

Always I state that every action is important. In order to be ready for the new story of your life I suggest you the 5 below actions. 

Starting from… the acknowledgement of your now! 

1. Reflect on the past year.

Reflect on your wins, on all your accomplishments, everything that the past year taught you. The moments you were proud of, things that bring you joy and the goals or tasks you accomplished. 

This will give you the opportunity to realize that you have accomplished so much this year, even the "small" things matter. AND YOU ARE ENOUGH. 

This action will support you to recognize where you are NOW, and it will be easier to define where you want to be. 

Moreover you will build the habit of gratitude that's in my opinion it's essential in our everyday life. 

Keep in mind do get rid of the voice of your ego. You are doing great! - I mean it!!

Everything that didn't go as planned has a reason. Always have in mind that everything happens in the correct timing

2. Create a win list 

What is a win list? A gratitude list! You have already reflected on the past and know exactly all the story behind it. Now it's time to create a list of all the wins of the year - amazing right? You have achieved so much, you MUST recognize them! 

Gratitude can increase our life satisfaction and improve our well-being. Also it cultivates a winning mindset. 

I am practicing gratitude every day and as I say it -

every day is a win day. 

I am so passionate about our daily wins and my book is all about that. 

3. Decluttering. 

Now that you have reflected on the wins, on the learnings of the year and you have made your gratitude, it is time to get rid of the unnecessary stuff. 

Keep in mind that sometimes we also need to declutter the unnecessary people in our lives. 

Why is decluttering so important? Because everything contains energy. 

Anything but anything that is not supporting you on the Now is not needed. Get rid of it. 

One question that will support you is "Did I use that in the past 6 months?" If the answer is no it's time for recycling. Don't let things "weigh" you. 

Believe me, it feels so good when you clear the space - the energy and allow new things and opportunities to take place. 

4. Goal setting 

Now that you have cleared the space it's time to plant the new seeds. The seeds of your new fruits- your goals. 

But you need to plant the seed right, and the right way is to write them down, be specific, make them crystal clear and break your goal. (FYI I have created various blogs on goals and videos

5. Action plan 

Last one and more effective is the action plan. Now that you have a clear goal it's time to move to the action. Goals don't achieve on their own. 

When you admire a garden full of vegetables and fruits, you don’t expect to have all that overnight or by the power of your thought. You need to plant the seeds and follow some specific actions first.

This is exactly how our goals became reality. 

In order to succeed we need to set an action plan- like watering our seeds to enjoy the fruits! (free tool here) 

Closing this blog I want to remind you that the right time to prepare for the next year is Now. Because later becomes never.

Winners never wait for Mondays. 

Grab your journal and start! 

Have a winning year and don't forget that I am always here to support you and design your wins everyday! 

Design your wins

ICF Certified Life & Business Coach | Christina Michaelidou


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