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Limiting beliefs are stopping you from growing

Limiting beliefs often appear in our mind like it's not possible but my dear winner whatever you believe can happen and if you believe that doesn't exist, and that is relying on yourself, It’s not true! It’s your limiting beliefs!

But let me tell you it's relying on ourselves whatever that we believe we manifest our limiting beliefs is what is stopping us from being the best version of ourselves. You close the door for your own self.

I'm a really big fan of of finding the route of where all this started so limiting beliefs can be linked to:

  • Our families beliefs

  • Our environment

  • Our society

  • Traumatic experiences

Usually limiting beliefs sound like that: “ I'm not enough”, “I will fail” “I don't believe I can succeed” “I cannot change my current situation” “I'm not able to do that” and another billion reasons to not manifest your goals.

Sometimes I believe that it is more convenient to rely on our limiting beliefs instead of kicking them out of the frame and being able to say you know what I'm enough I'm going to achieve this. I'm going to change this and everything is possible and everything is in my hands.

So now you have a clear view of what I am talking about, I will give a tool to identify the limiting beliefs and kick them out!

I'll suggest you write five things that you want to do and the reasons why you can’t make it or be successful.

These are your limiting beliefs, my beautiful winner!

You want to know another fact ? We have 60000 to 80000 thoughts everyday so choose which thoughts you allow to serve you.

In order to succeed we need to have self knowledge and the realization that this needs to be changed and once you realize that everything is super duper easier.

Identify your limiting beliefs and convert them to be your magic wand to be the best version of yourself, to manifest all your goals and skyrocket your life.

If you can’t identify your limiting beliefs, I am always here to support you!

Design your wins

ICF Certified Life & Business Coach | Christina Michaelidou


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