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I used to hate writing...

#funfact about me. I used to hate writing. I believe this started from school. I was never good at the essays or the type of essays they wanted us to write let’s say! I hated every moment that was needed for me to write! All my limiting beliefs around writing were stopping me! The year passed by and I became a coach. As a coach I am constantly learning, developing and of course working with myself. At the beginning of my career as a coach I was having a session with my coach setting my first steps and actions as a coach. My coach then asked me “what is more vulnerable for you to start doing?” I said instantly, writing of course! “Ok let’s start from that," he said. I was immediately anxious about it. But I know that I need to step out of my comfort zone, if I wanted to grow! So I started my blog on my site, I then started writing to other portals sharing my personal development perspective. Without any format, but only with my way.

Then people started reacting to my articles saying how much I have supported them, how easy it is to read my articles etc. Since then I know that my limiting belief around writing didn’t allow me to first of all write that equals to start and take action and secondly was limiting me from my goal to spread my view and support people grow as well.

If I hadn't taken that step to kick my limiting beliefs out of the game, I wouldn’t be able to create amazing collaborations, spread my message, enjoy writing at this point and the biggest one to that point I believe, to write and publish my book!

Take a moment and think what limiting belief you allow to stop you from growing?

Limiting beliefs don’t have any role in your growth, they are only stopping you!

Ιf you identify with my story feel free to book a FREE session to support you kick the limitation out and grow!

I am always here to support you grow!

P.s the photo is from my book DESIGN YOUR WINS EVERYDAY

Design your wins

ICF Certified Life & Business Coach | Christina Michaelidou

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