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One step at the time.

Updated: Jan 31, 2023

In order to walk we need to move first on one foot and then the other. It's one step at a time.

Life is evolving so fast, but this doesn't mean that we must move that fast. Act fast, yes. But sometimes we need to give space to time. Time is not a monster that is chasing us, and lets not forget that we invented time for OUR CONVENIENCE. Let's use it and behave properly.

So let's realize that we can not move both legs at the same time. Imagine moving them both together. What will happen? This applies also to our life. We want rapid changes in our lives and we want them now. Yes go for it but with one step at a time.

Is the exact process like walking. An everyday move, so given.

But most important to remember is that doing / moving forward is not only when we arrive at our final destination. The step tracker is writing every step of yours!

Recently I realized that I even lost my step tracking. I am now walking through the path of publishing my first book and I was discussing with my coach my action move and I was wondering what my priorities are. Through our coaching session I reflect that every step / action I am making means doing and moving forward.

Some goals require more process in between and are those goals you enjoy even more.

Don't forget that patience is magic.

Design your wins

ICF Certified Life & Business Coach | Christina Michaelidou


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