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We have the privilege to see 180°

Updated: Nov 9, 2022

Did you ever realized that the human eye sees 180°? Amazing right? Think about it for a second. Imagine if we can only see in one direction only. Only what is in front of us. Try it for a minute, and absorb. You can only see the tree when you have an entire forest. What a privilege, right?

Based on that, why do we keep focusing on what is only in front of us? When we can see the big picture and what serves the US.

Sometimes the solution to our goal comes from a different direction from the one that we are waiting for and we are so focused on that one particular way that we can't even see that our goal is in front of us.

Use your mind like you use your eyes! in 180°. Remove your focus on that specific route to achieve your goal. I am not saying to don't have a plan. The plan is essential. I am saying to be open.

Lets give you an example, I recently wanted to exact a business field and i know i can achieve it with the x and the y way. But I knew it was gonna cost me money and I wasn't feeling like it was the right way. So I brought this matter to a coaching session with my coach.

One of the privileges of working with a coach is that the coach is not emotionally attached to the subject and can ask open questions that will unlock new solutions that you didn't even imagine. Because sometimes we can't think in different angles, we are IN the subject and we need an OUTSIDE support to see with open eyes.

Anyway, as I explain, my coach asked me his powerful and open questions to support me to find other ways. At the beginning I was "No, I don't want to do that. it will be complicated" and all this ego talking. But I committed to consult my accountants the answers I found through his question regarding my push back.

Imagine what not even the solution was right in front of my eyes but I couldn't even acknowledge it, but with the support of my coach I was then able to clearly see it. And all went smoothly and of course winningly.

The universe will always bring you closer to your goal, because you take the steps toward that. But you need to be open to see that you have achieved your goal sometimes in the most unexpected way.

Be open and enjoy your wins!

Design your wins

Life Coach | Christina Michaelidou


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