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Act like you won it

Updated: Nov 9, 2022

In order to achieve your goal you need to believe it, embrace it, feel it. We all know that there we focus that grows. If you focus on your win this will grow. How is this done? Act like you already won this goal! Add this winning emotion, make it your new belief. Whenever you have the illusion of not achieving your goal start making actions toward your win. Set yourself into motion, to your best action, and you will start feeling the gratitude of being one step closer to your win. It's really important to seed your mind with the vision and the belief that you have already achieved that goal. Stick with the vision and act like it. Create new actions based on that, actions that are on your daily bases, without regard to your current / old life, and on the main time visualizing and becoming aware of your beliefs. As an example if you want to achieve a new milestone in your business, research how this has to be done, how others did that? What will change if you succeed in this win? How will you celebrate it? With a trip, let's say. Find and prepare everything for this trip, tickets, hotel, activities etc. Embrace it and most importantly enjoy it! Actions like that are entertaining and you don't need to spend any money on doing them, just use your creativity. Live the life you want to live in any aspect you can. These actions are boosted with confidence because you act like you won, so you are sure you will achieve this milestone. Confidence gives you more energy and power to boost your actions toward your dream. Another boost of your new role, it's to journal. Journal with the mind to act like you won it. For example write how you feel about it, all your new achievements, all the people you meet, the experiences, embrace it from the depths of the heart. This is for you don't hear your ego, you are a winner and deserve the best. Feed your mind with all your new actions, new beliefs and new ideas and you will boost everything you need towards your win.

Design your wins

Life Coach | Christina Michaelidou


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