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Growing everyday - personal story

Updated: Nov 9, 2022

The past weeks I have been constantly talking to you about my book, and it is normal because I am so passionate about it. Firstly, due to the fact that this is my 1st book (what a win right?) and also want to spread my message about our daily wins and how we can design our wins everyday!

This routine really transforms me to acknowledge my daily wins and also recognizing more easily the daily opportunities. AND to be more winning oriented minded. What that means is that I now have the winning outcome in mind, and that means that in everything that happens in my life, I now tend to find what I earn, learn from that fact and how it can serve me in the future.

We are only growing, no one ever stays the same.

Although I started writing this article to share with you what my book teaches me! Yes, the writing, the editing, the design, the publishing and all the process teaches me SO MUCH! It changed my mindset and how I act and plan. And I find this amazing so i wanted to share with you my learnings and story!.

As you might know from my bio, my background is graphic design, so I have designed my book, write and choose everything regarding printing etc.

Starting from that fact I needed to fight my ego. Silencing our inner voice is the first step to get in the action plan.

What do I mean by fighting my ego? I started doing my research as I do as a designer and then creating. But in my case I was thinking, should I do this or that? During a coaching session I realized the procrastination I was doing. I have created thousands of books for my clients as a designer through the years. So I silenced my inner voice of ego and started creating all the content that I wanted to put. I can not describe to you how much I enjoyed it from that moment.

Learning 1: When you make a new step it is absolutely normal to feel uncomfortable, just trust yourself and then you will create the space for your growth.

The more uncomfortable you feel the more evolution you will bring

The second part that I wanted to share from this experience and at the same time suggest you to do is to always ask. Almost nothing in 2022 will happen for the first time. I might have designed a lot of books for clients but I have never known the publishing process and all the logistics behind that so I asked. I had a support team. Starting first of all with my coach and mentor. It is really important to have a mentor on your side on your next goal to support you and of course your coach!

Learning 2: All the information is out there.

Learning 2.1: A coach is essential especially on your upgrade.

Closing the story, and I personally believe that this was my biggest learning and development in this journey, was the part of how often the plan, the facts might change and how important it is to always trust the process. Some facts do not only rely on us. Focus on the goal and the leanings you are gaining. There is always a positive reason behind the situation.

Learning 3: Trust the journey and enjoy your win!

Learning 3: Be flexible and open to the universe.

This journey was one of my favorites in my life. I have gained so much throughout this experience and have transformed even more to a better version of myself.

I am always here to support you to design your wins and find all the learnings from each situation of your life.

Design your wins

Life & Executive Coach | Christina Michaelidou


P.S You can also find my book at Amazon


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