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How to set goals and make them happened

Heading into the new year and in the previous article I have given 5 tips on how to prepare for the new year, one of them was to have goals.

Setting goals gives your life direction, and boosts your motivation and self-confidence.

Without goals we just live! We don't have a cause and a meaning.

Our goals are essential in order to grow!

In this article I will give you 8 ways on how to set goals and achieve them.

1. Decide, find your goal

Find your goal and work towards. Your goal is something that you want to do, something that excites you and you are interested in. Your goal must be your goal not the dream of others! Don't forget that there is noτ big and small, start and grow with it. Your goal is your motivation and you will be an entire other human when you achieve it.

2. Write it down be super specific

Now you know your goal you need to write it down, because if you don't it's just a thought you have in mind and get stored there and you don't do anything about it.

Write your goal down and be super specific, with smells, senses, everything!

So writing down your goals gives them the ticket of their journey to success - increases their chances of sticking with them. Write down how you will know you have reached your goals and when you'd like to have achieved it by.

Some questions to ask yourself are

  • What it will 'look' like

  • How will you feel when you've done it?

  • How does it connect to who or what you value in your life?

Describe your goal in specific terms and timescales make your goal S.M.A.R.T

It’s really important to find and know your why.

When you know your why - your life's purpose, it makes it easier to set your actions on where you are going. Finding your why means to know what matters the most in your life, and what decisions are aligned with your goal.

I have created this free tool to support you to be more clear, focused and more motivated to achieve your goals.

4. Have an accountability partner

An accountability partner is someone who supports another person to keep a commitment or maintain progress on a desired goal. They will often be a trusted friend or acquaintance who will talk frequently regarding the progress of the goal.

I can't state enough how an accountability partner can support you, motivate you and keep you going with your goal.

It will keep you accountable on your goal and that's meant to be on track!

5. Break your goal down

You need to break your goal down and make it more actionable. You can't win a cooking contest if you haven't never boiled an egg. Boil the egg, learn Italian cuisine, later the Japanese cuisine and then win the contest. Step by step, divide the goal into more realistic parts. I am sure from the example you have understood that this is especially important for big goals. Divide it to the smaller goals or the 1st milestones as I call them and that are steps on the way to achieving your entire goal.

This will help you also with your action plan.

When you admire a garden full of vegetables and fruits, you don’t expect to have all that overnight or by the power of your thought. You need to plant the seeds and follow some specific actions first.

This is exactly how our goals are successful also. In order to succeed we first need to acknowledge where we are now and set our action plan, water our seeds to enjoy the fruits.

7. Embrace your wins

Every action toward your goal is a win! AND Everyday is a win day.

Acknowledging your wins keeps you motivated, powerful to cross over any boundaries and trains your mind to identify the opportunists more easily.

Acknowledging our wins cultivates gratitude.

Wins keep us in vortex-in high energy, reminding us that we are enough.

This is all my book is about and will support you to embrace our wins.

8. Celebrate your wins

You have made so many successes! You have gone in another direction from where you have begun. You get out of your comfort zone. You must celebrate your wins, be grateful!

It's time to enjoy the fruits of your plant! Thank you and those that helped you. Think about what you enjoyed and learned along the way.

I am always here to support you and set your goals and actions. AND of course design your wins everyday!

Design your wins

Life & Executive Coach | Christina Michaelidou


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