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Set your starting point to reach your destination

Updated: Nov 9, 2022

I had read a book once that people without goals are like getting into the car without having a destination to go. You are driving until you run out of fuel and you are in the middle of nowhere! Not only do we need to know the exact destination, the exact goal but we also need to know where we are now! Think about it! Is your GPS working without knowing your exact location?

The first step is to understand which is your starting point. I use the word understand because most of the time we don't really have a full image of where we are now.

In order to be a best selling author I need to first write a book. But in order to write a book I need to have a clear image of my mindset, let's say. I advocate that everyday we have a win.

So that's the first step, to understand who you are and what you stand, and the rest will follow.

Knowing in what situation you are now will help you to have a clearer plan for your next steps, and what route you will take.

The route will have various challenges, but it's in the process. Growing will be full of experiences and learning and as I told you before everything that happens to our life and every failure we face is a learning opportunity.

Embrace the now and admire your final destination!

Design your wins

Life Coach | Christina Michaelidou


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